About Save Our Symphony Fort Worth

The mission of Save Our Symphony Fort Worth is to aid in the ongoing preservation of a full-time professional symphony performing at the highest level of artistic excellence in Fort Worth, Texas. 

The 3 x 3 Convictions of SOSFW

 1)     The three-legged stool

We believe that a successful arts organization like a symphony requires balanced involvement from:

  • Management
  •  Musicians
  • Community

 2)     SAVE our Symphony?  What does it mean to save?

  •  To stop from being damaged or lost
  •  To make something once in danger of failing, successful
  •  To preserve something for the future

 As such, SOSFW believes our work doesn’t end when the strike ends, but instead that we continue to develop community support for the symphony to “save” it indefinitely…present and future tense!

 3)     SOSFW values these primary pillars of importance:

  • Performances by top tier musicians
  • Education of the next generation
  • Community involvement outside the concert hall

board of Directors


Carol E. Spencer

Jerry B. Daniel
VP of Administration

Mary Clark Smith
Musician Relations

Jerry Thiel
Interim Treasurer

Byrwec Ellison

Shirley Hanna
Education Initiatives

Terry Boggs
Community Organizing


Bill Clay
Musician Ex-Officio



Sterling Proctor
Musician Ex-Officio


Dan Sigale
Musician Ex-Officio